Botox (Body)

Botox Body

Botox (Body)

Botox is one of the most often performed procedures in Korea. When used correctly, it can help you a lot in sculpting your body.

A fine needle is used to relax the muscles in areas that big muscles. The main areas would be: 1) the calves – 2) trapeze muscles

A small amount of the naturally occurring botulinum toxin is used to numb the muscle. This will make the muscle much smaller in size. Botox is one of the most effective treatments against to slim the calves, which cannot be treated with liposuction.

You can choose between Botox produced in Korea or Botox produced in Europe/the USA.

Botox is a good choice for people with:

  • Relatively big calves
  • Big trapeze muscles which make their neck look muscled and masculine

There is barely any downtime after Botox. Try to avoid alcohol, smoking and intensive exercise for a couple of days after the procedure.