Co2 Mole Removal

Co2 Mole Removal

CO2 Laser is a very effective way to remove benign moles and textural irregularities of the skin such as skin tags, warts, and bumps. CO2 laser mole removal is widely superior to traditional surgical techniques because the laser targets only the affected area. The laser seals the skin as it targets the tissue, leaving a smoother surface.

You will be able to come back to your daily life after the procedure, hence this is a 1-day treatment only.

Moreover, we have a very experienced doctor who made hundreds of skin care procedures in the past and is one of the experts in Skin Care Treatment in Korea. So you don’t have to worry about anything during a procedure, you’re in good hands.

Co2 laser is good for people who want to:

  • Remove their moles

After your Co2 procedure, you will have to use a skin-protecting patch for 2 weeks. After these two weeks, you have to be consistent with sunscreen usage to make sure that the area where a mole used to be will not turn into a scar.