Thermage Lifting Laser

Thermage Lifting Laser

Thermage is well known as a premium, non-invasive skin tightening and lifting procedure. The latest Thermage CPT system delivers on multiple assets: it tightens skin, lifts saggy features and smoothes out wrinkles with minimal downtime and increased comfort.

Aging skin loses collagen in the deep skin layers. This causes wrinkles to form and sagging to happen. Thermage is FDA approved technology which uses heat from radio-frequency to tighten and lift skin by stimulating collagen in the skin.

The main difference between THermage and Ulthera (or Ultherapy), another famous laser that is FDA-approved and widely used in Korea, is its way of transmitting heat into the skin. Thermage uses patented monopolar radiofrequency (RF) waves to generate heat and has been around since 2002. Since it has been around the longest, Thermage is the most well-studied and tested skin tightening device. Ultherapy is a newer technology that was developed in 2009.

Thermage Lifting Laser is great for people who have:

  • Sagging skin
  • Lack of collagen
  • Visibly aging skin
  • Thin skin
  • Hollow areas in their face

There is a slight downtime after this procedure of 1-2 days. Slight redness might occur. Make-up is possible 1 hour after the procedure