How Kobayashi Acne Treatment Works To Permanently Prevent Acne

You have probably tried every acne treatment out there, but nothing has worked permanently. You have probably resigned yourself to the fact that you will have to endure acne for the rest of your life.


But what if we told you there was a solution that can permanently clear your skin and is also relatively painless and easy? The Kobayashi Acne Treatment is a Japanese skincare treatment that has helped countless people get clear, healthy skin for life.


This article will discuss everything you need to know about the Kobayashi Acne Treatment.

What Is the Relationship Between an Overactive Sebaceous Gland and Acne?

There is a strong relationship between an overactive sebaceous gland and acne. The sebaceous glands are responsible for producing sebum, which is an oily substance that lubricates your hair and skin. When the sebaceous gland is overactive, it secretes too much sebum, which can clog the pores and lead to acne.

What Exactly Is the Kobayashi Acne Treatment?

Our Kobayashi Acne Treatment is a skincare treatment that permanently prevents acne from appearing on your skin. It is a permanent solution to acne that works by targeting the bacteria that causes breakouts. We use a Kobayashi insulating needle to permanently shrink the size of the sebaceous glands from where the pores are clogged. The insulating need is a microneedle made of white, shiny stainless steel.

How Is Kobayashi Acne Treatment Done?

Kobayashi Acne Treatment works by using a laser to target and destroy the pore-clogging sebum that leads to acne. It is a very gentle laser that is FDA approved and can be used on all skin types. The laser is composed of insulated microneedles, in which current flows into the skin. What is so great about this treatment is that it destroys the subcutaneous fat layers underneath the skin without damaging the skin surface.

What Are The Benefits Of Kobayashi Acne Treatment?

So what are the benefits of Kobayashi Acne Treatment?

Well, first and foremost, it’s a permanent solution to acne. Unlike other treatments that only offer a temporary fix, Kobayashi Acne Treatment works to clear the pores and stop acne from forming in the first place.

Secondly, it tightens your pores and removes blackheads, helping you achieve clear and youthful skin.

So if you’re looking for a long-term solution to your acne woes, Kobayashi Acne Treatment is worth a try!

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Kobayashi Acne Treatment?

Kobayashi Acne Treatment is ideal for those who have tried other treatments like topical creams and oral medications but haven’t found relief from their acne symptoms.

It is suitable for people with:

  • Blackheads
  • Wide pores
  • Persistent acne that cannot be removed with other treatments

Is Kobayashi Acne Treatment Painful?

The Kobayashi Acne Treatment is relatively painless. Even though you might experience minimal discomfort, you can rest assured because we have the best doctors who will let you experience the best and most comfortable treatment possible.

What Should Be Done to Prepare for and After the Kobayashi Acne Treatment?

Now that you know how the Kobayashi Acne Treatment works, you should know what to do before and after your treatment.

Unlike other acne treatments, you won’t need to prepare for anything or do anything before the day of your treatment.

On the day of your appointment, you’ll need to arrive with a clean face. You will be given a numbing cream to apply to your skin so you won’t feel any pain during the treatment. The doctor will then use a laser to permanently shrink the size of the sebaceous glands that produce sebum.

After the treatment, you’ll need to avoid sun exposure for 48 hours and avoid using acne-fighting products for five days. You may experience some redness and swelling after the treatment on the treated area, but this will subside within a few days.

What to Expect After the Treatment and Downtime of Kobayashi Acne Treatment?

First, you should expect a significant improvement in your acne. Many patients report a 100% clearance of their acne after treatment in the areas treated by the doctor. You may also notice a decrease in the appearance of scars and pigmentation.

The downtime of this treatment is very minimal. Most patients report only mild swelling and redness that resolves within a few days. You can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment. After Kobayashi, the sebaceous glands might temporarily produce more oil, leading to a purge that might take a couple of days to clear.

How Long Does It Take For Results To Show?

The results of Kobayashi Acne Treatment are immediate. Most people notice an improvement in their acne after just one treatment, but you can see the full results after three sessions.

How Many Times Do You Need to Receive a Kobayashi Acne Treatment?

So, how does the Kobayashi acne treatment permanently prevent acne? It works by destroying the acne-causing bacteria deep within the skin. To do this, we recommend receiving Kobayashi Acne Treatment for three sessions. You can get one session once a month. However, depending on your individual needs and acne severity, you may need to receive more treatments.

Our doctors here at Theme Dermatology will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of how many treatments you’ll need, but you can expect to see full results after the third or fourth treatment.

How Long Does The Kobayashi Acne Treatment Last?

Now that you know how Kobayashi acne treatment works, you might be wondering how long it lasts. The good news is that the treatment is permanent. You can say goodbye to acne (bigger inflammations) forever! The Kobayashi Acne Treatment involves micro-needles, which helps to break down the acne-causing bacteria and stimulate collagen production. It strengthens the skin’s natural barrier, making it much less prone to breakouts in the future.


You may be wondering how Kobayashi acne treatment permanently prevents acne.

Kobayashi acne treatment is a medical procedure that uses radiofrequency waves to heat the sebum-producing cells in the skin. It permanently shrinks the sebaceous gland permanently and prevents it from secreting sebum.

Kobayashi acne treatment is a painless and non-invasive procedure that can be done in just 15 minutes. You will experience little to no downtime after the treatment, and you can resume your normal activities immediately. You will need to receive about three treatments for optimal results and can get one session once a month.

Now that you know what Kobayashi Acne Treatment is but still have not decided if this is the suitable treatment for you, book a consultation with us at Theme Dermatology so we can assist you with what you need.

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