Mandatory 2-week quarantine to be lifted starting next month for vaccinated residents re-entering Korea

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Residents of Korea who have been vaccinated in the country will be exempted from the 2-week quarantine starting on May 5th.

Yoon Tae-ho, head of the quarantine division at the Central Accident Control Headquarters, said in a regular briefing on the 28th, “If a resident completes their vaccination program in Korea, their Covid-19 test is negative, they will get exempted from the 2-week quarantine. In addition, when a fully vaccinated resident comes into close contact with a Covid-19 patient and does not show symptoms themselves, they will be exempted from quarantine as well.

“Instead, we will conduct a total of two inspections after actively monitoring the person for two weeks, or 14 days,” Yoon said. “Related matters will be applied from May 5 and will be applied through local governments.”

The government plans to ease quarantine measures during the process of entering the country only for those who have completed the vaccination.

“If you leave Korea after completing the vaccination, you will be exempted from self-isolation if the Covid-19 test is negative and you have no symptoms,” Yoon said. “There is an exception for people enter from countries with a large amount of cases of Covid-19 such as South Africa and Brazil.”

Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki released a statement to the public on April 26th, “We are considering easing other quarantine measures as well, including exemption from self-isolation at the time of contact with a Covid-19 patient, using electronic vaccination certificates.

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