Debunking Common Myths About Dermatological Treatments

In the past few years, there has been a growing trend in the popularity of dermatological treatments. However, with this surge in interest, there has also been an abundance of false information and misunderstandings about these treatments. Patients frequently come in to discuss dos and don’ts regarding skincare that they have heard. Since there is a lot of false information out there, we’re going to share the common skin care myths we’ve heard along with the true information so you can make sure you’re knowledgeable and able to take good care of your skin.

Myth 1: You Don't Need Sunscreen If It Isn't Sunny

Your skin is still exposed to UVA and UVB rays even when the sky is overcast and you don’t feel the sun’s rays immediately striking your face. On a cloudy day, sunburn might still occur if you are not careful. If you don’t protect yourself from the sun, you will eventually develop wrinkles and dark spots. On overcast days, always wear SPF 30 for the optimum coverage and make sure to apply sunscreen or a moisturizer with SPF 15.

Myth 2: You don't need to moisturize if your skin is naturally oily

One common misconception regarding skin issues is that oily skin types may get by without applying a moisturizer daily. Nonetheless, applying a moisturizer shields your skin from UV radiation and other environmental factors that can weaken your skin’s protective layer. If you don’t use a moisturizer to protect your skin from these causes, they may actually aggravate it more and increase the production of oil to counteract them, which will make your skin appear more shiny. For oily skin, a water-based product works best for effective and lightweight hydration.

Myth 3: Expensive skin cream can keep your skin ‘young’ forever

The skin cream market is huge. For example, sales of “prestige skin care” in the US during April to June of 2020 came to a total of $1.1 billion. That represented a decrease in sales of 18% from 2019. But no skin cream, no matter how expensive, can permanently prevent skin from aging, despite its lucrative popularity. Dr. Phillips declared, “This is definitely not true and is just a marketing ploy.” “Simple moisturizers can achieve quite a bit,” Prof. Williams told Medical News Today. He sardonically remarks, “I’m not aware of any cream that keeps skin young forever,” yet topical retinoid-containing creams can lessen the symptoms of photoaging.

Myth 4: Natural Products Are Better For The Skin

Products that are advertised as “natural” are well-liked by customers. Still, the word “natural” doesn’t tell you anything about how safe or effective a product is.

Natural products may not be as effective or stable as well-researched medical medications, and they may have just as many adverse effects. It is, however, a matter of personal preference; if consumers prefer the sound of the word “natural” as a euphemism for “gentle” or “safe,” then they are free to pay for the item. 

Myth 5: Exfoliating daily is essential for healthy skin

The method of eliminating dead skin cells from the skin’s surface is called skin exfoliation. Chemicals, granular surfaces, or exfoliation tools can all be used to accomplish this.

Exfoliation is fashionable, although it’s not necessary. “The skin feels smoother after exfoliating, but repeated exfoliation is damaging the natural skin barrier,” Prof. Williams told MNT.

Myth 6: Washing with hot water is best for your pores

You are also depriving your skin of its natural oils and hydration when you wash your face with hot water. If you want to find another approach to open up your pores, consider using a clean, damp, heated towel in the shower. There is no additional benefit to using hot water, so if it is making your skin red after bathing, you should lower the temperature.

Myth 7: Sleeping in makeup is okay

Your makeup will blend with the debris and oil that has accumulated on your skin over the course of the day after only one sleepless night. Making use of micellar water makeup removers or makeup removal towelettes is a simple way to remove makeup quickly and efficiently. This will prevent breakouts and congested pores.

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Most individuals are aware that having youthful, radiant, and spotless skin requires following a proper skin care regimen. You may not, however, be aware of how important skin care is to maintaining your general health and appearance of internal wellness.

You should take care of your skin for the following reasons: It keeps your skin healthy and radiant because throughout the day, skin cells are shed. Preventing acne, treating wrinkles, and maintaining the best-looking skin may all be achieved with an efficient routine.

Your skin will probably return to its normal state, often known as its "baseline" condition, if you cease using skincare products, including cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and other treatments.


There are several functions for our skin.  This organ is renowned for being the largest in the body and and our most visible organ is our skin. Furthermore, due to its high visibility, skin has emerged as the focal point for numerous products, many of which claim to improve, rejuvenate, and clarify skin. Despite the fact that we have only touched the surface of skin myths, we hope that this helps to restore the proper balance between myth and reality in the field of dermatology. Expert doctors find it difficult to match the cosmetics industry’s infiltration into the public consciousness due to its immense size. Sadly, this makes it challenging to dispel skin-based misconceptions.

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