Pico Laser

What is Pico Laser?

Skin pigmentation is a common problem, especially on the face. This is also a frequent occurrence as people age. The good thing is that there’s an easy, effective, and painless solution for this.

Pico Laser toning uses laser technology to reduce and solve uneven skin and discoloration problems. With its effectiveness and ease of procedure, it is understandable that this treatment is now gaining more popularity in Asia, particularly in Korea.

Pico Laser toning promises to smoothen out our skin in a non-invasive and non-surgical way. This is used to treat the skin and its imperfections, not just on the face but on other parts of the body as well. This is guaranteed to be a safe procedure for everyone.

Theme Dermatology offers the Pico Laser toning procedure for patients who have concerns with uneven skin and other skin problems. Learn more about this and how to book your appointment with us as you read this article.

How does Pico Laser work?

Pico Laser continues to amaze the beauty industry and its patients with its unique features. First, it uses the picosecond method, which is faster compared to other laser treatments. With this kind of speed, the Pico Laser toning treatment can be considered one of the most gentle laser treatments available.

Pico Laser also exists for a specific reason: to solve skin pigmentation problems. This method also uses high energy, not heat, while treating unwanted discolorations and helping the skin produce collagen and elastin at the same time. With the help of non-ablative lasers, Pico Laser toning will be able to heat the targeted tissue, but the said tissue won’t be destroyed. Rather, it will help trigger the body to have a natural response, thus, resulting in the production of more collagen and elastin the patient’s skin needs.

Why choose Pico Laser?

Pico Laser is the right solution for skin-related problems such as:

  • Excessive skin pigmentation
  • Skin discoloration
  • Freckles
  • Sunspots
  • Acne scars
  • Uneven skin
  • Melasma
  • Wrinkles

This treatment is also effective for the following concerns:

  • Tattoo removal
  • Skin aging
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Skin firmness and elasticity

Best candidates for Pico Laser toning

Pico Laser is the best option for patients who:

  • Those who want to have an even skin
  • Those who are looking for another anti-aging treatment option
  • Those who are looking for an easier solution to remove their unwanted tattoos
  • Those who have excessive skin discoloration and other imperfections
  • Those who need to have their skin produce more collagen and elastin
  • Those who need natural-looking healthy and glowing skin and face

Preparation and procedure

All of the treatments, procedures, and other services we offer here at Theme Dermatology are required to conduct proper consultation with our top experts. Our patients need to see our doctors to have an assessment and match their concerns with their goals for wanting the procedure they want to avail.

With the Pico Laser toning treatment, it is important that the patient qualifies for what this treatment needs and promises. This is where the proper consultation comes in. Our world-class doctors will have a thorough assessment of the patient, where they will talk about how the procedure happens, what are the most potential results, what the side effects are, and how this will connect with the patient’s goals. We also make sure that our patient’s safety is always our top priority for every service we offer, and with proper consultation, our doctors can create the right treatment plan needed by the patient.

Most of the time, anesthesia is not needed for the Pico Laser toning treatment. However, if the patient wants or requests it, we’re ready to provide this to him or her. We can assure you that this procedure is mostly pain-free but you may expect a little discomfort during the procedure.

The procedure starts with the doctor cleaning the area to be treated and preparing it for the treatment. Our doctors can also put a numbing cream in the treatment area to add another layer of protection against pain or discomfort, just in case some patients need it. After this, our doctors will now proceed to use the laser in the target treatment area of your skin.

The whole Pico Laser toning treatment is a very safe and quick procedure. The whole session might only take less than an hour per session. There might be some heat or some tingling sensation to be felt, but overall, the whole procedure is little to pain-free and non-invasive.

Potential risks and side effects

While Pico Laser is safe, there are some minor risks and side effects a patient should know about. Here are some of the possible side effects and risks:

  • Some discomfort during the procedure
  • Some redness
  • Some swelling
  • Some scabbing
  • A risk of having a flushed appearance after the treatment due to the redness
  • Little chance of skin burning because of the heat from the laser

Recovery and aftercare

The patient can go back to his or her normal life immediately after the procedure, especially since it’s a fast treatment. However, there are some minor precautions to follow:

As much as possible, avoid doing the following for the first few hours after the treatment, or when the redness or swelling is still present:

  • Avoid applying makeup
  • Avoid your face or skin being directly exposed to the sun
  • Avoid touching the treated area
  • Avoid doing a thorough skincare routine

There is no downtime required after a Pico Laser toning treatment, but these reminders are vital to remember to help the patients have a more effective set of results.

Why choose Theme Dermatology?

Theme Dermatology is one of the best and most world-class Korean beauty clinics, offering various skincare and other dermatological services. We take pride in how we prioritize our patient’s safety in every procedure, as we conduct thorough proper consultations with our patients before agreeing on performing their desired treatments.

We can assure you that our services are not just safe, but also one of the bests out there. Our team of experts is headed by Dr. Hakgyu Lee, who is a member of various dermatology associations both in South Korea and in the United States. This makes our team and our clinic reliable in terms of our services.

Here at Theme Dermatology, we do not only offer aesthetic services, but we also treat various dermatology-related problems and other health concerns related to skin with very satisfactory results. Our clinic is located in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea, and is one of the longest-running and best beauty clinics in the country.

Booking Information:

To learn more about our services and our clinic, please check out our Contact Us page on our website and sign up for a free consultation with us. Fill up the needed details in the form on this page and submit it. Once the form is submitted, you are now in line for a scheduled appointment. The waiting time for a response on your consultation form may depend on the doctor’s availability, but we always send a reply to every form submitted to us.

You may also reach out to us via the following channels:

Email address: [email protected]

Phone number: +821094839974


Pico Laser uses a specific kind of laser technology that can transfer heat and energy needed for the treatment faster than the other kinds of lasers. Because of this, this treatment can effectively reduce skin pigmentation and discoloration.


Pico Laser is effective for the following concerns:

  • Skin pigmentation
  • Skin discoloration
  • Acne scars
  • Sunspots
  • Freckles
  • Melasma
  • Unwanted tattoos

This might depend on the patient’s concerns, but most of the time, the Pico Laser toning treatment can last up to 6 months. Repeated sessions might be necessary to have a better long-lasting and permanent effect.


The Pico Laser toning treatment is one of the technological advances our patients can have to treat their skin problems. Now, they can say goodbye to uneven skin, acne scars, and even unwanted tattoos with this procedure.

Just like other laser treatments, this is an easy, fast, and pain-free procedure. There is no downtime needed, so our patients can freely go back to their normal lives right after the treatment. There are some precautions to consider, though, so that the Pico Laser toning treatment can have a more long-lasting and effective result.

Theme Dermatology offers this treatment for any patient in need of one. We require an interested patient to have a proper consultation with one of our experts first so that both the goals and needs of him or her will be in line with the advice of our doctors.

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